About Us

Three sixty was founded by current creative director Veronica Carrillo in 2015.
She had just moved back to Venezuela after living for a year in Panama City where she was a real estate agent, a time fulfilled with great experiences and new friends, she felt inspired to start a new professional journey by creating her personal brand including hand painted pieces. She longed for a place to indulge her curious mind.
Fashion has become more demanding nowadays, women want to wear garments of value, handcrafted, handmade, hand-painted. Three sixty has a proposal that seeks to satisfy different tastes and attitudes. A big part of our pieces is made from natural fabrics providing comfort, freshness, sustainability.
Mainly inspired by: life, beauty, instinct, textile, culture, music, fashion, strong and passionate women around the world...this brand was created for you.
She cultivate herself. She is adventurous about what she wears. A woman busy enjoying LIFE and has a sense of fashion without following trends. Therefore, our beneficiaries are all those women who seek comfort and authenticity.
Our product offering consist of women’s apparel, and accessories. 
Our team is made up of talented people in different areas, with great creative skills, design, marketing, administration, and operation. The garments are mostly hand-painted, this being the key factor (wearable art) because it requires unique skill working with precision, focus, care, and dedication, is like wearing a painting. We want to bring to women and society the feeling linked to the art, exalting the pride of the handmade.
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With Love
Welcome to my brand and to my life everyone!!!